Keep calm and carry on- sollybaby wrap

Thank you to Sollybaby wrap for sponsoring this review. The following  is my personal experience  with the sollybaby wrap.

One of the most beneficial things I can do for our foster babies is show them attachment. Often times these children have lacked love, affection and  closeness.The inital weeks with a new baby can be rough. Dinner still needs prepped, laundry done, and wearing baby close is the most logical thing to do. When I was a novice foster parent, I purchased our very first babycarrier. Mother’s around me modeled babywearing and it quickly became the most natural thing for our family of three. Not only has wearing our babies proven to be effective in helping with some of the problems they may face, it has helped us travel, grocery shop and calm a fussy babe.

 During the past three years I have accumulated quite a stash, as they call it, of various baby carriers. my experience has me looking for convenience and ease in using a carrier. I have purchased many carriers and quickly learned that some aren’t as easy as they Claim to be. the fit just isn’t right. 

Our family welcomed a preemie baby boy into the world this past July. His body was teeny tiny and finding a carrier to fit proved difficult. I wanted him to be close to me, but his body just didn’t work in any of the carriers I had purchased. at 4 months, Squishy is just under 10 pounds.the carriers with clips, buttons, inserts, and rings didn’t appeal to me this time around. Sollybaby sent me one of their wraps and I wasn’t sure if their wrap could meet my needs of fit and convenience. I was quickly proved wrong. 

Our wrap arrived the day before our vacation { such perfect timing to test it out in the world }. I excitingly opened the package and instantly fell in love with the softness of the fabric. it was so soft that knew Squishy would love it. When I took the wrap out of the package and began looking at action shots of the wrap in use  I panicked. The wrap looked intimidating. Sollybaby offers detailed tutorials on their website and the wrap comes with a detailed instruction booklet for a newborn and standard carry. I was able to watch the video a couple times and master the art of wrapping the wrap onto my body. within minutes I was ready to place Squishy  inside. The look on his face was pure joy. It was obvious that he loved being close to me and snug. He fit perfectly.

The next day,  I wrapped the sollybaby on me and placed Squishy inside as we boarded our airplane for vacation. he slept he entire plane ride. 

Sollybaby offers comfort, security and ease in their wrap. It’s everything I was looking for in a carrier. 

If your looking for a comfortable babywearing experience, I highly suggest giving sollybaby a try.


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