Mommy what?!? 



Envision women everywhere,specifically mothers. Mother’s {of any kind, lesbian, surrogate, adoptive, traditional, etc} who come together with or without their child, their bump, their husbands, to gain more wisdom on this whole motherhood thing. 

Sounds great, right? 

Motherhood is hard. Just because my motherhood journey hasnt been a traditional parenting journey, my experiences have been the same as every other mother around. There are times I’m barely hanging on, faking it til I make it, and days when I high five myself for getting the task complete all in one smooth day. Like most other women, I crave to learn more. I want to better myself as a mother and meet other like minded people who are trekking the same path as me. I remember my first Mommycon experience 3 years ago. A friend of mine introduced me to a whole new world and I’ve been hooked ever since.

Picture modern motherhood, boutique style pop up shops, seminars on potty training, sex after baby, breastfeeding, sleep training, and beyond. It’s a day long event ( now 2 days, but more on that later) that tackles every thing mommy related. MC allows you to pop in on sessions that pique your interest and meet venders who sell unique baby items, as well as major companies in the baby industry ( britax, peg perego, Chicco and more). The end of the day is packed with a huge giveaway! Who doesn’t love a brand new BOB stroller or a arms reach Co sleeper?!? 

Motherhood is the greatest gift on earth, why not embrace it with other mothers and gain more mommy knowledge while having fun? The best part is, mommycon has grown so much and comes to major cities all over the country. 

Check out the link below for Mommy con info and see if they are going to a city near you!

All Events

Use promo code STAG17 for your discounted ticket to Mommycon 2017


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