Marriage; year three

On the eve of my three year wedding anniversary, I think about every tear shed, argument fought, mountain faced that Jeffery and I have been through. I thank God that we continue to have the strength to hold true to our vows and face everything head on…together.

There have been times we went to bed angry at each other, stormed out mid fight, laid in bed together sobbing as we faced things no couple should ever go through. There have been times we didn’t want to admit that we were in the wrong and said hurtful words. I thank God that we continue to have the strength to hold true to our vows and face everything head on…. together.

There has never been a love as fierce and raw as the love I have for Jeffery. Falling in love was easy. Then our flaws appeared, life threw obstacles and the feeling quickly changed. We had to work together. We had to put forth energy and really work for our love.

This world is becoming a hunt for perfection and instant gratification. We forget that people aren’t perfect, we are all flawed. A handful of friends of mine are divorcing quicker than ever. I don’t know each specific situation, and I can’t judge their situation, so I won’t. But if perfection is what you are out to seek, don’t commit to one person forever. Everyone has flaws.

Friends, young, old, courting, dating, engaged. Listen up! Marriage is HARD. Marriage is emotional, messy, raw, real, and the greatest thing ever. Marriage doesn’t come with a manual. It doesn’t foresee the future of infertility, miscarriage, death, health issues, or children…When the going gets rough and you’re at the bottom of that mountain looking up, don’t run. Grab your partners hand and climb that mountain.

Three years into marriage and he has seen me at my absolute worst, yet he gripped my hand tighter instead of turning the other direction for perfection that doesn’t exist. His eyes have met mine before surgeries and because of his unfailing love, I see him on that very day that we committed our lives to one another instead of fear of the unknown.  Jeffery and I have been through things that should have torn us apart. We have experienced struggles that newlyweds with  little experience should have given up on. When  you find something you can live for, don’t ever let it go. Stay. The storm will pass and the love will be stronger than it was before the storm appeared. I promise.

On this day, I thank God that I didn’t hunt for perfection and I stayed with a person that I love. Flawed like me. There is nothing in this world that can replace the feeling. Work for love. it’s worth every bead of sweat that you will produce.

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