A cherished relationship

When we entered our foster parenting journey, we never had concrete expectations of how relationships would look as the years went by. While a couple placements have left us broken hearted, we feel so blessed to have bird in our lives today.

Baby Bird left our nest well over a year ago, yet we often speak of him multiple times a week in our home. Sometimes we reflect on how rough the newborn stage was while other times we mention the cute things he did that brought a smile to our face.

My husband and I consider ourselves blessed because his aunt ( now adoptive mommy) made us a promise that we would still be able to maintain a relationship with bird and she has kept her word everyday since that bittersweet August afternoon when they removed him from our home to hers.

We try to visit bird atleast one time a month, weather and sickness permitting. It’s always so nice to spend time with him and see what an awesome little guy he is turning into. I know that his mom is busy chasing him around and I try not to contact her as often as I’d like. I trust that when she needs us she will text message us.

The other day I recieved a text saying that she had a birthday gift for my husband and a Christmas gift for us. ( have I mentioned what a sweet lady she is?) She is so considerate  and sweet to think of us during moments when she isn’t obligated too.

As I lay my head down this evening, I thank God that even though we have weathered the storm of loss, that bird is blessed to have such a selfless adoptive mom who acknowledges the role we play in his life as his previous foster parents. The fact that she could have walked away with him and never looked back is not lost on me.
We will forever cherish the relationship we continue to have with bird and build with his beautiful mother who loves and adores him so much.
This is what adoption is. Love, selflessness and relationships.



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