Operation clean the house ( aka annual review time)

Time has been flying by in our home. Since the arrival of our little girl (nickname still pending) we have been busy bees around here.

There is one thing I know to be true- having children in the home makes for chaos, chaos means that there is a nonstop feel to life and that makes the days fly by in the blink of an eye.

It was about a month ago, when we received a nice regular sized envelope from the Berrien County DHS. Inside was a letter letting us know that our yearly review was approaching soon. Every year our caseworker comes into our home to check up on us. They look for any changes in the home, as well as see how things are going with the current placement. This will be our second “review” It really is nothing to stress about, yet every year I go into panic mode and make a huge to do list.
I have been stressing for weeks. We painted up some spots on the walls, and I took down the curtains to make them look sparkly new. I cant seem to get the floor clean enough, yet I am sure its the cleanest I have seen it since we moved in 🙂

I long for the day when I don’t have to go into stress mode to try to impress some important people and prove that my home is fit for a child. Its one of many thing I wont miss when we have our own forever baby. Foster care has so many rules and regulations, yet the birth parents can get away with it all. Its something that will never make sense to me.

Tomorrow afternoon is the big day. I am sure all will be fine. There aren’t any new changes to report and all should go smoothly. Wish us luck!!


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