A woman so selfless

This post is unlike any other I have published before. Take a moment, grab a snack, sit back and allow me to tug at your heart for a few minutes.

As an infertile woman, it seems as if everyone around me is pregnant. Each and every day, there seems to be a new ultrasound photo popping up on my news feed. The large round bellies in every aisle I walk through at the market. Some women are truly blessed to be able to conceive and carry a life so precious.
I walk down the street, through the mall and market. The truth is, I don’t know the stories of the women who pass by with pregnant bellies, some may not want to be pregnant, others cherish every moment of the pregnancy, some may place their child for adoption, and others(as oddly as it may initially sound)may be carrying a child for someone else.

This is a story of the woman carrying a child for someone else.

When I began my quest on how to become a mommy, I came across a certain type of women on the internet and around my area. A woman who so selflessly, thinks of the women in the world, like me, who will never be able to feel a child grow in their body. A woman who thinks of others, like those who have an ache to become a mother so badly, that they are willing to share their bodies in order to allow a couple to fulfill their wish of becoming parents. A surrogate mother.
I never knew such women existed in this world. It wasn’t until my cries to become a mommy came out, that I had friends willing to carry a baby for me. A selfless gesture that brought tears to my eyes each at each and every offer. Offers that couldn’t ever be, simply for the fact that Michigan has a law, a law that states that we could go to prison if we enter such a contract.
The initial first contact with surrogacy is intimidating, the laws alone are difficult to navigate and wordy, contracts need to be in place, insurance purchased, a plan, and much more.

Carrying a baby is a precious blessing. Thinking to carry a baby for someone else who will then become the happiest parent alive is even more of a precious blessing.

What if I told you I know of such a woman, one who has a dream, a life mission, a passion to become OUR surrogate. A woman who, I will never be able to thank enough for presenting us with a gift so absolutely precious. A woman who will forever be the most selfless person I will ever meet. A woman that I want in our Childs life, so that she can show him/her the way of the world, and how he/she stemmed from one selfless act.

There is a woman who chose my husband and I to be the recipient of an act so miraculous, selfless, so amazing. ( who we will reveal, when the time is right) Please bare with us, as we begin our surrogacy journey. As we reach out to those who we care about so much for prayers, emotional support, finding a way to make this journey come true, begin the task of planning fundraisers, seeking public support, and obtaining a gofundme account ( http://www.gofundme.com/kudcdc )

I cannot wait to see how our journey unfolds as we open what’s left of our ever broken hearts and give her the rest of it to help fulfill our dreams of becoming forever parents.

A new post coming in the near future on how YOU can help us, whether it be monetarily, physically with our fundraising events, or ways to share our story. for now, share our blog, our go fundme account and spread the word. đŸ™‚
with love


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