Making THE Announcement

We have had a total of three placements in our cozy home.
That’s so weird to think about. In just under a year, we have had not one but three boys in our home.
each child has a unique arrival story and unforgettable first moments with us.

One thing my husband and I never really discussed or put much thought into was about making THE announcement to our friends, family and the facebook world.
In foster care, children have to be kept discreet and no face photos can be shared. I have been able to get pretty creative in posting snapshots of fun things we do with these incredible children. That’s for another day though.

Our trend seems to be that we wait quite a while before sharing the joy of a new child with the outside world. With each child we tend to go into a hibernation mode. It is during this time that we establish a strong foundation of trust, build love and become familiar with the new person who is making a pitter patter in our home.
Part of our hesitation isn’t shame, or fear of telling the story a million times, but simply because I feel like during the initial days of the arrival, so much can change. A family member could surface, which would mean that the child would leave for a relative placement, the child could end up not staying for more than a few weeks and so on.
Its takes time to figure out just the right words to say to make an announcement. We take time in getting to know what the perfect nickname for our new family member needs to be. 🙂
Plus, I like to keep friends on their toes. When they least expect it, our lives become mass chaos again and we have exciting news to share. Its kind of the fun part of foster to adopt.

Our latest pride and joy is: Bookworm. He is a active almost 3y/o who like his name says, LOVES books. We are falling more in love each day with our tiny reader. 🙂


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