Limited Days

The days in our home have been stressful the past few weeks.

I have tried to avoid the reality of it.

No longer can I keep silent.

Our second placement, Baby Bird, will be leaving our nest in the near future. He will be placed with a relative placement for the remainder or even permanently.
You see, in the foster system, family pulls rank over any foster family that the child may be placed with. We will always lose if family comes forward for the child. We knew the risks involved when choosing this way to become parents. We knew that there was a very good chance that our hearts would break many times in the process of it all. We knew this would happen, just not so soon after the loss of our first placement.

The news is devastating. When I look at baby bird, I remember his time with us. How tiny he was when he came into our home.

As the nights become less, we will snuggle a bit more, have lots more kisses, and cherish the moments for all they are worth.

The unknown is scary, but with a little hope and trust, I know that the future plans will soon present itself.


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