I love weekends.

I love that our tiny family can be together for two whole days.

but most of all, I love that our family dynamic feels normal.

As a foster parent I have come to live for the weekends. Its the only time that our phone isn’t ringing,emails aren’t coming in from caseworkers, and baby bird isn’t leaving for visits with his birth mom.

During the week life gets so chaotic. I feel like we are constantly at the mercy of the state. We are being dictated as to what events and time schedule we have to live by. There are visitation schedules, home visits, doctors appointments, birth parent drama, rules to clarify with the state and so much more on any given five day week.

Monday through Friday is a constant reminder that the child that is crying for me is not my own. It is a reminder that life is unpredictable and nothing I do or say will go in our favor.

Once five o’clock on Friday approaches we can begin a weekend of fun, adventures, friends and life.

The weekends give me a glimpse of what life could and should look like. It’s 24-7 parenting with no others involved, no phone interruptions, no induced headaches from all the drama.

I feel hopeful that someday my life wont be so consumed and ran by others, that everyday will feel like the weekends we experienced in the baby stages of our fostering journey.



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